This website is running the latest version of WordPress for content management, with a custom-built theme designed specifically by me specifically for this website. This site has existed in various forms across the years, initially being a simple set of static pages.

The site is designed to load quickly, and to not provide any telemetry or other analytics to myself or anyone else. The only JavaScript that runs on the page exists to handle the navigation menu on smaller screens, like phones.

The site itself is hosted on Amazon Web Services’ infrastructure in the Northern Virginia region.

This website first started in 2010 as a place to provide documentation, support, and marketing for the apps I had created. Around 2012, the focus shifted as I found myself needing a more complete portfolio of my theatrical work as well as my software work as I applied for colleges across the country. At this point, the site was redesigned to accompany a 56 page printed portfolio  that I sent as part of my application to each design program for which I applied.

Soon the site became mostly about my work in entertainment, from lighting design, video design, and the software I developed for the industry.

After graduating college I was hired by a company in the entertainment industry where my primary job quickly became developing software solutions for their clients. I did some really cool work with them, but it’s the type of work it would be wrong for me to be showing off here on my personal website.

With that in mind, in 2020 I began work on transitioning this website back to its roots: providing documentation, support and marketing for the apps I’ve developed. But this time I wanted to add some personal flair to the site, so in addition to information about the apps I’ve written, you’ll find other things I’ve found interesting, like information about my collection of classic Macintosh computers.

For those (I assume zero) people interested in the previous iterations of this website, I invite you to travel back in time to previous iterations of this website via the Wayback Machine from the folks at the Internet Archive.

Archived Snapshots:
July 2015 – pangle.wordpress.com 
January 2018* – patrickangletheatrical.com 
February 2020 – patrickangletheatrical.com 
*It seems I forgot to turn off the snow come January, an effect I’ve overlaid on the site in the past for the month of December.

If you thought the idea that someone would want to look at older versions of this website was crazy, wait until you see this list of abandoned websites from over the years. These are miscellaneous websites for everything from classes I took in college and screenshots of websites I designed in the past.

Website Graveyard:
Self, Society, and Cosmos (or: How pretentious can we make the name of a humanities course?) 
CNHSmedia.com (from high school‽)