I am a software developer who realizes solutions for entertainment environments, including theatre, trade show booths, interactive art installations, and more. Additionally, I apply the same skills to non-entertainment projects, brining with me years of design knowledge from the entertainment field. My software is in use all across the world, including broadways shows and in the pockets of thousands of lighting designers.

Work History Company Time
Senior Software Engineer – WebKit Developer Tools Apple April 2022 – Present
Software Engineer – WebKit Developer Tools August 2020 – March 2022
Working on new features, improvements, and bug fixes to open and closed source WebKit and Safari components including Web Inspector, safaridriver (browser automation), and remote web inspection for Apple platforms on the WebKit team. Open-source contributions »
Software Design and Development WorldStage February 2018 – July 2020
Responsible for both architecture and development of software utilized both in house as well as by external clients, including show control solutions, paperwork generation tools, and video playback software.
Technology Specialist WorldStage June 2017 – February 2018
Creative sequencing in industry-standard media servers including disguise and Watchout, as well designing and programming show control systems, handling content workflows in theatrical production environments, and designing and QC’ing systems for media playback.
Freelance Technology Specialist WorldStage June 2016 – June 2017
Creative sequencing with industry-standard media servers including disguise and Watchout, as well as handling content encoding and preparation in theatrical production environments.
Projects Platform Company Initial Release
Light Lab macOS, iPadOS Independent In Development
Virtual environment for educators to teach how light interacts with objects, shadows, other lights, and atmospherics. Built on SceneKit and SwiftUI, this tool was designed to assist students of lighting design who have been displaced from their traditional educational environment, or provide such an environment to those who never had one to play in. (Swift/SwiftUI)
Waltz macOS, Windows, Linux WorldStage January 2019
Flexible, node-based, show control application for live experiences and shows. Enables controlling, monitoring, and scheduling a variety of networked devices, including projectors, interactive LED processors, and media servers. JavaScript scripting, as well as HTML5 integration for custom control surfaces. In use across the country, including Madison Square Garden and LaGuardia Airport. Previously The Cher Show on Broadway for 8 shows a week. (Java/JavaScript)
Mosaic iOS, Android, Windows WorldStage April 2018
Synchronized video playback on iOS and Android devices over wireless network. Support for remote management and updating of content over the network as well as synchronizing Watchout display clusters with the mobile devices. (Java/Swift)
GridBuilder macOS, Windows WorldStage June 2017
Photoshop plugin for test pattern and paperwork generation. Enables quick and reproducible creation of both both Projection and LED alignment grids, with wide style and label customization options. (JavaScript)
OnStage iPadOS Independent February 2014
Sound effect and track playback for regional/school theatre and marching bands on iPad. (Obj-C/Swift)
Stagehand iOS Independent April 2010
Theatrical lighting color swatch book app for iPhone. (Obj-C/Swift)
Skills and Qualifications
Software Development
Debugging/Troubleshooting • Swift • Objective-C/C++/C • Java • JavaScript • Python • Cross-platform (macOS/Windows/Linux/iOS/Android) Apps • TCP/UDP Networking • Git • Maven
Vectorworks 2D/3D • disguise • WATCHOUT • QLab • Art-Net • MIDI Show Control (MSC) • Open Sound Control (OSC) • LED/Projection • Eos Lighting Consoles
Interviewing • Code Review • Lighting Design • Video Design • Photoshop • Illustrator • After Effects • Motion • Affinity Designer • Keynote • Maintains Collection of Vintage Macintosh Computers • Reading Music • U.S. Driver’s License • U.S. Passport
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner • OSHA-10 General Safety/Health • OSHA-10 Construction Safety/Health
BFA in Design and Production with a focus in Lighting Design (Class of 2017)
University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Winston-Salem, NC
TJ Donoghue
Director, Integration
Shelly Sabel
Director, Design
Michael Kohler
Head, Research and Development
Contact information for references is available by request.