Stagehand - Privacy Policy

Far too many applications harvest your personal information for financial gain, particularly free applications.

Stagehand never harvests your information. We don’t track what colors you look at, how long you use the app, or any other metric.

The only time we receive information about you, the user, is when you use the report a problem form, and supply information to us explicitly. We do not use that information to add you to a mailing list, nor do we otherwise sell the information you provide. The information you provide is used exclusively to follow up on issues you are reporting, including additional questions we may have and a confirmation that the issue has been resolved.

If you have opted-in to providing some additional analytical information with developers we will receive some information about our users, including you, in aggregate. To find out if you’ve opted, open the Settings app and check to see if Privacy -> Analytics & Improvements -> Share with App Developers has been enabled. Data collected by Apple on our behalf is subject to Apple’s privacy policy. The data is anonymized before being turned over to us, and we are unable to track users or determine which user generated specific analytical data using this system.

If you have a concern regarding your privacy, please feel free to reach out via our support page.