Producer: University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Run: November 12-14, 2015

A man tries to cope with the weight of the decisions he must make and recommend as he wonders what the ‘good’ thing to do really is.

Set in pre-war Germany, we see John Halder not only seduced into the arms of Nazism, but rationalizes every step on the way to the final solution, justifying himself as a good person in his head. Halder sufferers from delusions that come to him as bands playing music, in which we see into the thoughts of Halder and his struggles.

Production Staff
Director Quin Gordon
Musical Director Christopher James Lees
Scenic Designer Chelsea Bednar
Costume Designer Amy MacDonald
Lighting Designer Patrick Angle
Assistant Lighting Designer Matthew Tillett

Light Plot (Groundplan)
Channel Hookup
Magic Sheet
Color Plot
Cue Synopsis


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