Light Lab Beta Program – Build 2 Release Notes

Build 2 represents a ‘first-usable’ build of Light Lab. This article contains information specific to this build, and is subject to change before release.

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The New File Template
When you first create a new file, it will already have 7 lights hung. You can remove, refocus, or rehang these lights as you see fit; they are meant only as an initial demonstration of the kinds of scenarios you can create. In the future, there will be numerous template files to choose from for various situations, but for now the single file will have to do. Try adjusting levels and moving lights around to experiment with different real world scenarios. If you are looking for inspiration on some different angles of light you might try, try starting with the 12 standard distributions of light.

File Compatibility
Light Lab creates .lightlab files that contain information about your lab. You may create as many of these as you would like, but each lab may have only 8 light fixtures. Files saves in beta builds of the software may not be compatible between versions. Generally, while the file may open in later builds, some settings may return to default values between versions. We are not focusing on file compatibility until we are closer to a wider release.

Be aware that many facets of this program remain rough and unoptimized. You may find performance to be sub-par on older iPads. This build displays information about the current frame rate along the bottom of the screen if you tap on the Gauge icon in the top-right corner of the application.

Color Library
While we currently license colors from Rosco (Roscolux and GAM), Lee, and Apollo for use in Stagehand, we do not hold a license for their use in other applications at this time, and these negotiations will take longer than usual due to the COVID-19 public health crisis. We intend to provide these libraries of color in a future beta.

Camera Controls
The camera in Light Lab is currently controlled using the default iOS system gestures, which are at times intuitive and at other times unfit for their purpose. These will change in a future beta!

What We Currently Model
As you may well be aware, the physics behind light is complicated on a good day. We are attempting to, to the best of our ability and the ability of modern GPUs, achieve a visually accurate model of light. The following are aspects of light that we currently take into account during rendering.

Known Issues